From Where is she? to Who is she?

Hi! I used to work in the San Francisco Bay Area at Acupuncture + Herbal Medicine in San Bruno with Johnson Chiu and at my own space in the Mak Medical Building at 4200 18th St. This page had links to book with me at the varying locations on various days. But since I no longer live and work in the Bay, it will serve as an about me page so folks in Jacksonville can get to know me.

I love and believe in this medicine. Sincerely. I haven’t been able to tear myself away since I started on this path in 2003. I remember the moment I learned I could make alternative health my career — I booked a flight to the west coast to start checking out schools... By 2006, I’d made my way to San Francisco, promptly found the herb shop in the neighborhood and applied for a job. Yes, it was Scarlet Sage, the oldest herbal apothecary in the City. The women of Scarlet Sage, all of them - the owners and workers alike, taught me so much. During my time there I went to formal herb school, took as many additional herb classes as would fit into my schedule, went to massage school, studied astrology, flower essences, and other forms of energy medicine and learned meditation. And for 14 years, was a practicing western herbalist in San Francisco both inside and outside of The Scarlet Sage Herb Company... But I could never deny my passion for Chinese medicine. I'd read a book on Chinese medicine philosophy in my early days at the shop and I knew it was my modality. I just wasn’t ready then. By the time I had finished massage school in 2010 though, the internal drive to go to Chinese medicine school began to amplify — daily. Nevertheless, I hesitated. Then one day in the fall of 2011, I had a dream about practicing Chinese medicine in my own space and I felt no fear. The anxiety was gone, the space was beautiful — that was it! I was wholeheartedly ready. I woke up the next day and applied to The American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The program was rigorous but rewarding. It's impact, lasting. I finished up in December 2015, was licensed in 2016 and now here I am years later practicing this medicine that I absolutely love.